History In The Making…

battleship potemkinOur story begins in 1905, on the sea-washed decks of the Battleship ‘Potemkin,’ when Ivan Beshoff first set sail with the famous Russian Imperial Tsarist fleet. Eight years later he arrived in Dublin and began building what, by 1939, would be the origin of a legacy that has so far spanned three generations, Beshoff Bros fish n’chips.

Anthony and Kathleen BeshoffIvan’s son, Anthony, and his wife, Kathleen, worked hard to expand the family business until it became a household name, known for it’s superior quality and natural goodness.


beshoff bros

Ivan BeshoffToday, decades later, the legend lives on through the next generation, Richard and John Beshoff, as they continue to use the finest ingredients, and their meticulous attention to detail, to proudly continue their family business and provide the highest quality of fresh fish n’ chips to the Dublin community.


In honour of their grandfather Ivan Beshoff, who died at 104 years of age as the last survivor of the Potemkin, Richard and John have described their fish n’ chips as ‘Imperial Perfection’ and hope you enjoy every morsel of them.

Over 80 years of mouth-watering quality!